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Yes, the exact time must be scheduled for testing. Choose the place and time that suits you and fill out the form with your personal data. After payment by credit card /debit card/, you will receive a confirmation e-mail about the reservation for a specific day and time.

Unfortunately no, it is not possible to pay in cash or with a card on the spot. Payment is only possible by payment card during the online booking of your reservation.

It is possible to cancel the reservation through the confirmation e-mail. You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the date of your testing. After canceling the reservation, the money will be automatically returned to you within 1-2 weeks (depending on your bank). Money will be refunded to your bank account or the payment card which you used to make the payment.

After canceling the reservation, the money will be automatically returned to you within 1-2 weeks (depending on your bank) to your bank account or the payment card with which you made the payment.

If you need to change the time within the same day and no action is required, you can come later (that specific day). It is necessary to wait on the spot until people who have a time reservation for a specific time are tested (usually, it takes only few minutes).

If you need to postpone the reservation to another day, please contact our infoline or write to rezervacie@rychlotest-covid.sk

If you have entered the wrong e-mail or phone number number, please contact us via the infoline or to rezervacie@rychlotest-covid.sk

Reservations can currently be place individually only, we are working to improve in near future.


There is no need to wait for the results. The result of the antigen test will be sent to you within 20 minutes in the form of an SMS and PDF certificate by e-mail, in the case of PCR testing, the result will also come to you by SMS (from NCZI) and PDF to email, within the guaranteed time according to the time and place of test site.

Yes, we operate official mobile test sites (MOM) registered with the relevant Regional Public Health Office. You can see a sample form for the AG test HERE.

Yes, our certificates are fully accepted and we issue them automatically in English and German. You can see an example of a trilingual confirmation form HERE.

Upon request, we also verify the confirmation for commuters at our test sites (the form must be brought).

It is necessary to check on the official website of the country, what are the rules for traveling with AG or PCR test. These rules vary from country to country and change frequently. In air transport, usually only the PCR test is accepted.

If you need to confirm a special form for an AG or PCR certificate, it is necessary to:

  • for AG testing, bring this form printed to the collection point for confirmation,
  • for PCR testing, it is necessary to send this form to rezervacie@rychlotest-covid.sk at least 24 hours before testing, so that we can prepare and send it together with the certificate.

If you did not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder. If you did not find the result there either, contact our infoline or rezervacie@rychlotest-covid.sk.

The PCR test results are automatically exported into a green pass. We enter the results of the AG test in Bratislava and Košice into the green pass upon request.

Yes, the Roche / Biosensor AG tests we use, meet the test sensitivity requirements required in the EU / UK and many other countries.

Certificates are signed and stamped. Upon request, we also verify the confirmation for commuters at our testing sites (the form must be brought).

Yes, we test children from age of 6. If you need to test younger children, you need to consult a pediatrician who performs such testing from mobile testing site. We highly recommend saliva tests for children.