Saliva PCR test

  • The sensitivity of the saliva SARS-CoV-2 virus assay may be lower compared to nasopharyngeal and throat swab specimens.
  • Non-invasive form of PCR test by hygienic self-sampling of saliva – salivation of a cotton swab (not gargling).
  • Prior to the actual testing, it is necessary that the person does not consume any food, drink, chew gum, smoke, perform oral hygiene at least 60 minutes before testing. Adherence to these principles affects the sensitivity of the diagnostic method.
  • Suitable for children who may have a problem with swabs and also for clients and patients who do not tolerate the classic nasopharyngeal testing procedure (patients with coagulopathy, anticoagulant therapy, changes in the nasal septum or patients with local oropharyngeal disease).
  • Result for EMAIL and SMS, in the form of certificates (with QR code, stamp of certified laboratory and signature).
  • Certificates AUTOMATICALLY in SK / ENG / DE language, there is no need to request a translation, accepted in most countries of the world. (to be verified on the official website of the relevant ministry of the country).
  • The evaluation time is guaranteed within 24 hours, in the case of collection in Košice, the evaluation time is up to 30 hours.

Saliva RT-PCR test


36,90 €

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