Regular testing will
protect your family

Rýchlotest-Covid provides convenient, safe and affordable testing for individuals, companies and events in over 20 cities in Slovakia.

Our services have already been used by more than 100,000 people and companies such as VÚB, Pixel Federation, Dedoles and Kia.

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Choose your test

Choose a test according to your needs.

Use our reservation system, pay online and schedule your appointment to avoid unnecessary waiting in line.

We are a certified testing firm – the results of our testing are validated as state testing.

Guarantee of results

The guaranteed time of the RT-PCR test depends on the location of our testing site and the time of collection. In Bratislava, we send the result within 26 hours of collection. In other cities, we send the result within 26 hours in the morning sample collection and within 30 hours in the afternoon sample collection. We send the result of the AG test at all our testing sites within 20 minutes of performing the test.


We send the certificate of the performed test via SMS and email, including a PDF attachment with a QR code, certified laboratory stamp, and signature of the guarantor. After the AG test, we issue a printed certificate while you wait at the testing site.

Language variations of the certificate

The results will automatically arrive in Slovak, English and German.

Safe travel

Our AG and PCR tests, as well as the certificates, meet all travel and entry requirements recognizing these types of tests. We also send the results of your PCR test to NCZI so it can be recorded in your CovidPass. AG test can be added upon request.

Offer of tests

At least 60 minutes before testing, please:

Saliva RT-PCR test


36,90 €

Swab RT-PCR test


36,90 €

RT-PCR Express test

within 1 hour



109,90 € 139,00 €

Available in Bratislava

RT-PCR Express test

within 6 hours


89,90 €

Available in Bratislava

RT-PCR test

within 12 hours


49,90 € 59,90 €

Available in Bratislava

Antigen test


from 9,90 € 16,90 €

Antibody test


from 13,90 €

"Covid or Flu" test


69,90 €

Individual testing packages
for companies

Are you interested in providing your employees with regular or one-time testing?

Our clients


Festivals, Concerts, Celebrations, Weddings and more.
We will prepare a tailor-made event for you:

Our clients



Please check our list of frequently asked questions.

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Back to testing

Yes, the exact time must be scheduled for testing. Choose the place and time that suits you and fill out the form with your personal data. After payment by credit card /debit card/, you will receive a confirmation e-mail about the reservation for the specific date you have chosen.

For testing localities situated in Bratislava, payment is only possible online via credit/debit card in the last step of the reservation process. For other testing sites, there are also other payment possibilities, which are stated on our website after clicking on the specific test locality.

In the confirmation mail there is a possibility to cancel your reservation. You can do so until the end of day of your reservation for testing. After the cancellation, there will be a promo code created and sent to you with the same value as your test price, which you (or any other person) can use as a payment for a new testing, or in case the value of your promo code is lower than new test price, as a discount for new testing. Promo code is valid for 3 months from the day you receive it.

After canceling your reservation there will be a promo code sent to you in the same value as your test price which you (or any other person) can use as a payment for a new testing, or in case the value of your promo code is lower than new test price, as a discount for new testing. Promo code is valid for 3 months from the day you receive it.


If you need to change the time within the same day no action is required. You can come later (that specific day). It is necessary to wait on the spot until people who have a time reservation for a specific time are tested (usually, it takes only a few minutes). Also, you have the option to change your reservation up to an hour before testing, by following a link in the booking confirmation email.