CRP test for bacterial infection

What does CRP mean?

CRP stands for C-Reactive Protein – it is a protein that is formed in the blood during an inflammatory reaction in the body, necrosis, tissue damage, after operations, etc. In the case of inflammation, CRP levels rise within a few hours and can therefore be used as one way to detect inflammation in the body.

The examination is performed by taking capillary blood (drops from the fingertip) and determines the concentration of CRP in the capillary blood in the range of 1.0 mg/l – 150 mg/l.

What is the significance of CRP tracking?

The CRP assay helps to distinguish a bacterial infection from a viral infection. Based on this information, doctors know whether or not you need antibiotics to treat inflammation. Antibiotic treatment is ineffective in viral diseases.

By taking antibiotics for viral illness, you only burden the body, side effects of these drugs can occur, and frequent use can also develop antibiotic resistance.

CRP values also help monitor the progression of the disease.

What different levels of CRP can you have?

The normal level of CRP in the body without acute inflammation is up to 10 mg/l. Any value above this limit indicates a potentially developing inflammatory disease. Elevated CRP is always associated with pathological changes and test results must be evaluated along with the patient’s clinical condition.

A rapid and high rise in CRP (typically above 50 mg/l) indicates the development of a bacterial infection.

Viral infections, on the other hand, are characterized by a relatively small rise in CRP (usually below 35 mg/l).

What if the test reveals a bacterial infection?

Bacterial infections must always consult a general practitioner, who will prescribe the appropriate antibiotics for your rest.

If you have diarrhea during antibiotic treatment, the pharmacies will recommend suitable probiotics. Remember to follow the advice of your doctor and pharmacist and always take the full pack of antibiotics, even if you feel better after a few doses.

Taking the prescribed amount of antibiotics will prevent the infection from re-emerging. On the contrary, premature termination of antibiotic treatment will allow the bacteria to survive and adapt to the antibiotics until they can become resistant to the antibiotics. This means that a given antibiotic may not be effective in bacterial inflammation in the future.

Therefore, always follow the doctor’s instructions and do not adjust the treatment yourself.

Covid or the flu + CRP


79,80 €


  • This test allows you to find out more precisely what type of virus is causing your symptoms. Along with the test result, you will also receive recommendations on how to proceed in the case of a positive test. It also contains a CRP test for bacterial infection.
  • The test identifies SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Flu A, B (influenza) viruses.
  • Non-invasive form of PCR test by hygienic self-sampling of saliva – salivation of a cotton swab (not gargling). It is enough to take one sample to perform both tests.
  • Before the actual sampling, it is necessary that the tested person does not consume food, drink, chew gum, smoke, perform oral hygiene and the like at least 60 minutes before collection. Adherence to these principles affects the sensitivity of the diagnostic method.
  • Result via EMAIL and SMS, in the form of certificates (with QR code, stamp of certified laboratory and signature).
  • The evaluation time of the samples depends on the location of test sites. For daily/morning samples from 26 hours to a maximum of 30 hours for evening samples.

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